Quick Facts

   Part I contains:

  • More than 26 million pages of text
  • 136,291 titles
  • 155,010 volumes
  • 136,209 MARC records

   Part II contains:

  • More than 6 million pages of text
  • 46,607 new titles of previously unavailable or inaccessible materials
  • 50,629 volumes

   Part I and II combined contain:

  • More than 32 million pages of text
  • 182,898 titles
  • 205,639 volumes
  • 7 major subject areas covered


TIME PERIOD: 1701–1800


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Research & Curriculum Use

With its breadth of content and advanced search technologies, including full-text searching across million of pages, ECCO provides a critical tool for research as well as classroom use.


Read the white papers below to see how ECCO has benefitted scholars and students alike.

The ECCO Revolution [pdf, 650KB]
by Robert D. Hume, Department of English, Penn State University

Eighteenth Century Collections Online enriches English Literature and extends student horizons at Bath Spa University http://gale.cengage.co.uk/ecco-case-study-bath.aspx

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) brings learning to life and new dimension to history at Leeds University


With unparalleled access to a wealth of extraordinary research and full-text searchability, Eighteenth Century Collections Online can be a powerful tool for historical research. View the sample searches below or download more sample searches

Topic: Slavery
Search Terms: Basic; “slavery” in keyword
Eleventh hit: “Remarks on the slave trade, and the slavery of negroes. In a series of letters,” London, 1788.

A keyword search on slavery returns 888 hits; a full-text search returns more than 33,300 hits.

Topic: Slavery in North America
Search Terms: Advanced: “slavery” in full-text, AND “North America” in full-text; Fuzzy search: low
Fifteenth hit: “Unanswerable arguments against the abolition of the slave trade,” by James M. Adair, London, 1790.

For more targeted results, researchers can add more specific search criteria.

Topic: Slavery/esclav* (the root word in romance languages)
Search Terms: Basic: “esclav*” in keyword; limit to those in history/geography; resort the results list by Publication Date Ascending
Tenth hit: “Histoire du parlement d’Angleterre par M. l’abbé Raynal,” Londres, 1748.

Use the wildcard * to search on words sharing the same root. Searches will locate the word even if it is hyphenated across lines; is italicized; or has the f/s ligature (using f in place of s).