Quick Facts

   Part I contains:

  • More than 26 million pages of text
  • 136,291 titles
  • 155,010 volumes
  • 136,209 MARC records

   Part II contains:

  • More than 6 million pages of text
  • 46,607 new titles of previously unavailable or inaccessible materials
  • 50,629 volumes

   Part I and II combined contain:

  • More than 32 million pages of text
  • 182,898 titles
  • 205,639 volumes
  • 7 major subject areas covered


TIME PERIOD: 1701–1800


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an ECCO II and how did it arise?

The creation of this additional collection arose out of several circumstances. When ECCO was released in 2003, it included the material that had been scanned through the end of 2002 for the underlying film collection. Since that time, Gale has continued to locate new materials, though at a slower rate than before. The material in ECCO II includes those items from libraries where we were still finishing scanning in 2003 as well as new items in the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC), the basis for the collection. This includes both new titles that have been added to the ESTC as well as newly reported holdings information – meaning works to which we may not have been able to get rights prior to 2003 may now have been reported as a holding at a library with which we had a contract to source material.

The titles cover the same subject areas as the original collection, with a special emphasis on Literature, Social Science and Religion titles. ECCO Part II will release in two segments. The first segment represents over 90% of the overall content in ECCO II and is available now. It includes 46,000+ titles with 6.4 million pages from the library holdings of world-renowned institutions such as the British Library, Bodleian, Cambridge, National Library of Scotland and National Library of Ireland.


Will there be updates of additional material after the release date?

The University of Texas material will be added later this year. This additional content is included in the ECCO Part II collection price. Beyond that, Gale has no plans for additional material.


Are there going to continue to be more ECCO parts?

There are no plans for an ECCO III. When Gale finishes scanning at the Ransom Center/University of Texas later in 2009, we plan no further additions to the database. NOTE: the material being added from University of Texas is part of an ECCO II purchase though it will not be loaded until later in the year.


Is the underlying 18th Century microfilm project completed?

The microfilm project which serves as a basis for the online database will be completed when we finish scanning material at University of Texas, same as with ECCO II.


May a customer purchase only ECCO I?

Yes, Gale offers ECCO purchase options for the original ECCO, or ECCO plus ECCO Part II, or just ECCO Part II if the original ECCO has already been purchased.


What is the title count and how much is new content?

There are currently over 46,600 titles in ECCO II and the content from University of Texas will bring the total up to about 50,000 titles. These are all new, distinct entries from the ESTC. This includes both new titles as well as new variant editions.


What does the pricing for ECCO Part II provide?

The price for ECCO II includes online access to the new content, including the material still being added from University of Texas, updated archive backups in the form of hard disks, and use of the new user interface. MARC records for ECCO II are not included in the base price of ECCO II.


Clarify the Gale statement about the free upgrade to the new ECCO II interfaces?

An ECCO user that does not wish to purchase the ECCO Part II content may still move to the new interface at no charge. They will continue to pay their annual hosting fee as before.


Is the pricing for ECCO II reduced if you already own ECCO? Can I access only ECCO II on my library or trial site?

ECCO Part II is only available to customers that already own ECCO, so there is no reduction in price for ECCO ownership – it is required. ECCO and ECCO II content is loaded together to make the student/researcher’s job easier. Gale is in the process of adding a limiter to allow you to see results for just ECCO or just ECCO II, but they are still part of the same system.


Will there be a hosting fee?

There is no additional hosting fee for ECCO Part II.


What is the importance of ECCO II since we have already purchased ECCO?

Eighteenth Century Collections Online has become an essential tool for 18th century research with ECCO and ECCO Part II representing the largest and most comprehensive online historical archive of the eighteenth century. Its breadth of content affords a unique ability to find references to items, people and events using the database’s full-text search functionality. ECCO II brings 50,000 additional titles for scholars, researchers and students, providing the means for even more comprehensive research than before, and is certainly of equal value and necessity as is ECCO. The additional content offered by ECCO II will be welcomed by 18th century scholars, researchers and students everywhere.


What are Gale's sources for the new content in ECCO II?

The source libraries for ECCO II are as follows, listed in order of contribution, ranging from the British Library at 25% to UCLA at less than 1%.

  • British Library
  • Oxford University (Bodleian)
  • National Library of Scotland
  • Cambridge University
  • Library of Congress
  • Boston Public Library
  • National Library of Ireland
  • University of Texas
  • University of London
  • Trinity College (Dublin)
  • Kansas University
  • Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
  • National Library of Wales
  • University of California, Los Angeles


Are there works in the microfilm collection that will not be in ECCO and ECCO II?

There were a very few works in non-Roman alphabets that were not included in the initial release of ECCO because of the inability to provide full-text searching to their content. We have since decided that these works should be included in the online database and they will be added later in the year, along with the University of Texas material. These works will not be full-text searchable, but may be found through metadata searches.


How are the titles divided into subject areas?

The classification into a subject module is done by Gale bibliographers that have worked on this and similar collections for years. An ECCO title is classified under just one subject area.


Can a PDF or the entire monograph or chapter be created for printing?

A user may download up to 250 pages at a time. This will accommodate approximately 70% of the ECCO works in a single download. For works that are larger than 250 pages, multiple downloads will be required.


Will Gale offer a subscription based model in addition to the purchase model?

There are currently no plans to offer ECCO or ECCO Part II on a subscription basis.


Is there any overlap between ECCO II and ProQuest's Early English Books Online (EEBO)?

There should be no overlap (or extremely minimal), as ECCO starts chronologically where EEBO ends.


Are ECCO and Early English Books Online (EEBO) cross-searchable?

Yes, they are cross-searchable. This is a new feature and the result of a collaborative effort to bring broad value to the market where and as possible with such collections. An institution that also has access to EEBO may request that the cross-search feature be enabled within ECCO. They may do the same with ProQuest to cross-search from EEBO into ECCO.


How are ECCO and EEBO cross-searchable?

ProQuest has provided Gale with the metadata from their EEBO collection which we have indexed along with our ECCO material. Similarly, Gale has provided our metadata (though not the full-text content) to ProQuest to index with their EEBO material.

The result is a user may search on fields such as author, title and publication date and indicate on the search form that they wish their search to include EEBO content as well. Your results list will clearly identify those works from EEBO. A Full Citation (metadata information) for an EEBO work may be accessed from within ECCO, but to see the full work with page images, ECCO will open a separate window and take you directly to that work within the EEBO system.


When will the MARC records be available?

The MARC records for ECCO II are currently scheduled to be available in June 2009. At that time, you may opt to receive MARC records and load them.

One note: late in 2009, both ECCO and ECCO II MARC records will be loaded into the OCLC system. The loading of the records onto their system will add a new, OCLC identifier number to the MARC record information. If your library will want the version of the MARC records that includes that OCLC number, you may either wait and purchase the MARC records later in the year or get them now and load them and re-order/re-load them later in the year. Your institution will NOT be charged a full MARC record fee for that re-order, but would need to pay the small fee charged by OCLC for creating a set of MARC records (~$200).


Will the ECCO Part II MARC records have Library of Congress subject headings?

Yes, the ECCO II MARC records will include both the Library of Congress subject heading and the expanded title fields, the two components of the enhancement project on the original MARC records.


Is there a charge for ECCO II MARC records?

Yes, there is charge for the ECCO II MARC records. As there are fewer titles included in ECCO II than in the original ECCO dataset, the list price is proportionately smaller for ECCO II MARC records.


What enhancements have been made to the original ECCO MARC records?

There have been two enhancements made to the ECCO MARC records. First, Library of Congress (LoC) subject headings have been added to the records. These headings were obtained in two ways. A project was organized to programmatically 'harvest' existing LoC headings from libraries that held the works in hard copy form. For those works where a subject heading could not be obtained in this manner, the ESTC licensed the work of adding LoC headings.

The second enhancement is the extended title field. In the past, the English Short Title Catalogue included a truncated version of the title field. With this new release, the entire title field has been keyed and will be available for searching.


How many of the records from the original ECCO data set have had LoC subject headings added?

LoC subject headings have been added to 135,777 of the ECCO records, or over 99.5% of the total MARC records for ECCO.


How many total LoC subject headings have been added?

Over 274,000 subject headings were added through the combination of harvesting and manual assignment.


Are sample records available for the newly expanded records?

Yes, a set of sample records showing both of these enhancements is available at: http://www.gale.cengage.com/marc_records.


Is there a charge for the ECCO MARC record enhancements?

Yes, there is a fee that is passed through to the ESTC and group that has undertaken the harvesting project. As with the original MARC records, pricing for the enhancement is dependent on the size and type of your institution. In general, the pricing is 10% of what your institution paid for the original ECCO MARC record set.

Note if your institution paid additional to the fulfillment company for customization of your original ECCO MARC records, you will likely need to pay that again for the new set of MARC records if you want similar customization.


When will the ECCO MARC record enhancements be available?

The plan is for them to be available in June, 2009.


Who will fulfill the ECCO MARC record orders?

Currently, Gale will continue to work with Backstage Library Works. At some point later this year the records will be loaded into OCLC at which point they will become our fulfillment vendor.


What do I get with my order - a complete reload or just the updated fields?

You will get a full reload of the ECCO MARC records.


How are the MARC records delivered - what are the options?

The standard delivery methods are via FTP or via CD-ROM by request.


Will the records include the OCLC record control number?

The records that will be available in June will NOT include the OCLC record control number. A new record set from OCLC will not be available until the records are loaded into OCLC later this year.


What if I want to have the records that include the OCLC control numbers?

You have two options. First, you can wait until later in the year, after they have been loaded onto OCLC's system to order your MARC records. Or if you proceed with your order now, you would need to re-order and reload the records again later this year. Note - you will not be charged again for the OCLC batch of MARC records other than the fee that is charged by OCLC for fulfilling the orders, which is approximately $200.


Will the enhanced MARC records still include the 856 field set-up to link directly into the database?

Yes, that is part of our standard MARC records for the digital collections.