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TIME PERIOD: 1896-2004


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Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 – Coming Late Spring 2013

Gale delivers to the desktops of researchers and students the historical archive of the Daily Mail in a fully searchable and browse-able digital format. More than 100 years of this major UK national newspaper can be viewed in full digital facsimile form, with copious advertisements, news stories and images that capture 20th century culture and society.

The Daily Mail is part of Gale NewsVault’s growing ‘middle class/middle market’ collection of newspapers and periodicals which reflect 20th century popular culture and tastes. They provide an important alternative perspective to ‘the newspaper of record’, The Times. It serves as the perfect complement to The Times Digital Archive for students and researchers who require multiple viewpoints to understand the past

Described by the New Yorker as “the newspaper that rules Britain”, the Daily Mail has been at the heart of British journalism since 1896, regularly changing the course of government policy and setting the national debate. It currently boasts a circulation of over 2 million, and its website is the most visited news site in the world.

As well as the regular edition of the newspaper, the Daily Mail Historical Archive also includes the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition, which was published on board the cruise ships that sailed between New York and Southampton between 1923 and 1931.

View a short video to learn more - Daily Mail Historical Archive (North America).


Daily Mail Essays

Click on the links below to read the following Daily Mail Essays.


Creating the Daily Mail Historical Archive
by Seth Cayley, Publisher for Media History at Cengage Learning

Chronology of Key Events in the History of the Daily Mail
compiled by Morag McFarland of the Daily Mail

The Story of the Daily Mail
by Paul Harris, Chief News Feature Writer, Daily Mail

The Daily Mail Atlantic Edition
by Seth Cayley, Publisher for Media History at Cengage Learning

"The Paper that Foretold the War": The Daily Mail and the First World War
by Adrian Bingham, Senior Lecturer in History, The University of Sheffield


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