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  • 564,192 pages
  • Includes the works of more than 1,000 authors
  • Covers 540 years: 1120-1660


TIME PERIOD: 1120–1660


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The following are personal names and work titles identified via indexing of the catalog records that make up British Literary Manuscripts Online, Medieval & Renaissance.

While in most instances these will reflect actual titles in the collection and their authors, in some cases a name or title will be indexed because it is mentioned in the catalog record in some other capacity: for instance, as the addressee or the subject of a letter.

Also, because of the way manuscripts are collected and catalogued, we are not able to provide a complete list of every title and author represented in the collection. Some catalog records provide only general descriptions of their contents, and it would require the work of many experts to determine with confidence exactly what all those contents are. So of necessity this is an incomplete list. The opportunity for original scholarship to identify some of these items is one of the contributions of the product

A sample of the titles found in British Literary Manuscripts Online, Medieval and Renaissance are listed below. You may also download a title list using the link above.

There is no title list at this time.