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Reviews & Testimonials

"Short Story Criticism . . . [is] a wise investment that should pay handsome dividends."
-- American Reference Books Annual [1997]   

"Entries are fulsome, detailed, and entertaining. The brief sketches about the authors' works are as enlightening as anything else available, and the snatches of criticism are well wrought. Photographs and sketches adorn the text in enlightening and helpful ways. Sidebars, usually set off in boxes, give users some idea of the writer's craft. It is refreshing to see so excellent a paper work as this."

-- American Reference Books Annual [1997]


"Only the smallest of libraries, and here one thinks of personal libraries alone, can afford to be without this truly remarkable series."
-- American Reference Books Annual (1997)

"This graphically pleasing tool is recommended for academic libraries, many of which will want to place it on standing order."
-- American Reference Books Annual (1994)