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November 21, 1950
Central Files Decimal Number 762B.00

Republic of New Afrika: Independence, Reparations, and Citizenship

Date Range: 1968-1980
Content: 14,138 pages
Source Library: Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters Library


The Republic of New Afrika (RNA) was a social movement organization that proposed three objectives. First of these objectives was the creation of an independent Black-majority country composed of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina and the Black-majority counties adjacent to this area in Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida. A similar claim was made for all the Black-majority counties and cities throughout the United States. Second, they demanded $400 billion in reparations for the injustices suffered by African Americans during the slavery and segregation periods. Third, they demanded a referendum of all African Americans in order to decide what should be done with their citizenry. Regarding the latter, it was claimed that African Americans were not given the choice to decide in regard to what they wanted to do after emancipation. These concessions would then form the basis of an independent Black nation.

The Republic of New Afrika’s provisional government was founded at a conference of militant Black nationalists meeting in Detroit in 1968. The conference was convened by attorney Milton Henry and his brother Richard, former acquaintances of Malcolm X who had renamed themselves Gaidi Obadele and Imari Abubakari Obadele. Imari Obadele was elected to the position of "Provisional President". The group advocated cooperative economics and community self-sufficiency, but also supported limiting political rights and press freedoms, prohibiting trades unions, mandatory military service and the legalization of polygamy.

The FBI believed the Republic of New Afrika to be a seditious group and conducted raids on its meetings, which led to violent confrontations, and the arrest and repeated imprisonment of RNA leaders. In addition, the group was a target of the COINTELPRO operation by the federal authorities, but was also subject to diverse Red Squad activities of the Michigan State Police and Detroit Police Department—among other cities.

Republic of New Afrika: Independence, Reparations, and Citizenship provides documentation collected by the FBI through intelligence activities, informants, surveillance, and cooperation with local police departments. These documents chronicle the activities of Republic of New Afrika national and local leaders, power struggles within the organization, its growing militancy, and its affiliations with other Black militant organizations. 

This collection consists of a range of primary source documents that provide a wealth of information necessary for research in African-American Studies, Radical Studies, American Studies, Political Science, Conflict Studies, Human Rights, and Political Science/Government:

  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Broadsides
  • Leaflets
  • Books and pamphlets
  • And more

Republic of New Afrika: Independence, Reparations, and Citizenship provides many dissertation and research opportunities, including:

  • African American slavery reparations
  • African liberation movement in America
  • Black Nationalism
  • Malcolm X’s political doctrine
  • Militant self-defense
  • And much more

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