Important Role of former Nazis in Eastern Germany." 

November 21, 1950
Central Files Decimal Number 762B.00

World War II, Occupation, and the Civil War in Greece, 1940-1949: Records of U.S. State Department Classified FilesSummary

World War II, Occupation, and the Civil War in Greece
provides an insightful look at Greece in political, economic and social ruin at the end of the war and the emergence of a postwar Greek conflict that rivaled the war years. In addition, there is much discussion of the American aid program that determined the political and economic configuration of Cold War-era Greece.

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Date Range: 1940-1949
Content: 85,413 pages
Source Library: U.S. National Archives

The Axis occupation of Greece during World War II brought about terrible hardships. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died of starvation, Jews and other minorities were deported to concentration camps and ethnic cleansing attempted to eradicate generations of residents. When liberation came in October 1944, Greece was in economic and social crisis, which led to civil war.

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Scholars of European and Slavic studies, human rights, political history, international government and the Cold War will find an unmatched selection of digitized primary source documents, including translations of speeches, memoranda, official reports and transcripts of political meetings.

This collection presents the raw primary perspective on the political, economic and social development of post-liberation Greece, including the Greek Civil War crisis and the implementation of America’s Truman Doctrine in the eastern Mediterranean.

Documents include:

  • Special reports on political and military affairs, particularly U.S. military aid to Greece, the Cold War and the Churchill-Stalin Percentage Issue
  • Studies and statistics on socioeconomic matters
  • Interviews and minutes of meetings with foreign government officials
  • Full texts of important letters, instructions, and cables sent and received by U.S. diplomatic personnel
  • Voluminous reports and translations from foreign journals and newspapers
  • Countless translations of high-level foreign government documents, including speeches, memoranda, official reports, and transcripts of political meetings and assemblies
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