Important Role of former Nazis in Eastern Germany." 

November 21, 1950
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CHOICE - March 2011

"[Visited Dec'10] Making reading assignments of primary source material can be an effective way to bring history alive for students. Archives Unbound is a large online collection of primary source material dating from as early as 1500 to as late as the 1990s (however, the bulk of material appears to be from the 1890s to 1960s). Some 40 collections are available, with more additions planned. Examples include The American Indian Movement and Native American Activism, Federal Surveillance of African Americans 1920-1984, JFK's Foreign Affairs and International Crises 1961-1963, and Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China relations, 1989-1993. Collections comprise approximately 5,000 to 200,000 pages. Documents range from books and pamphlets to manuscripts to newspapers and periodicals. All of the collections are browsable, allowing users to poke around when starting out. Source material is similar to that available in microfilm collections such as the FBI File on Malcolm X (actually included in this collection), with police and surveillance reports, memoranda, and the like. Collections can be browsed or searched separately, and each includes a helpful introduction providing historical context.

The interface is clean and intuitive, with adequate help documentation. Users can search the text of an individual collection, or all collections at once. Searchable fields include keyword, full text, document title, author, place-name, and document number, with Boolean operators. Users may select a collection by subject, area of interest, language (20-plus choices), and collection name. "Fuzzy" searching is featured, which can be helpful with the sometimes-inconsistent word spellings in historical and archival documents. Users may view facsimile images of original documents and crop, highlight, and enlarge documents to full screen size, among other options. They may print documents as PDFs. The content of Archives Unbound makes it an excellent resource for students doing research in political science, history, or ethnic studies, as well as multidisciplinary research. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers."

-- J. A. Knapp, Penn State Altoona

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