Important Role of former Nazis in Eastern Germany." 

November 21, 1950
Central Files Decimal Number 762B.00

A cross-searchable, intuitive platform delivers unbound results

Archives Unbound not only lets you view the rare primary source materials that defined history, it also redefines how you search those materials. The digital format allows users to tailor results to fit their needs, with search features from simple to Boolean queries.

Search functionality includes:

  • Intuitive searches that yield organized results
  • Highlighted keywords to facilitate research

Platform features:

  • Flexible and accessible for the 24-hour researcher
  • Subject-specific collections support multidisciplinary research in history, political science, hard science, ethnic studies and more
  • Active publishing schedule, with multiple collections added annually
  • Highly targeted at 5,000 to 200,000 pages per collection

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