Important Role of former Nazis in Eastern Germany." 

November 21, 1950
Central Files Decimal Number 762B.00

La Guerra Civil Espanola

(The Spanish Civil War)

Date Range: 1936-1939
Content: 68,000 pages
Source Library: University of California at San Diego


The Spanish Civil War was marked by an outpouring of literary energies engaging the interest of the poet, the novelist, the pamphleteer and the historian. Unfortunately, very little material from this fascinating period survived the wartime conditions in Spain and the ravages of World War II. This collection presents approximately 3,000 rare pamphlets from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Philippines, as well as more than 100 German pamphlets published in Spanish. The pamphlets in this collection represent the opinions and philosophies of the insurgents, anarchists, socialists and communists. Here lies a wealth of information on Spanish and international history, ideology, political science, church and state conflicts, nationalism, socialism, fascism and communism.

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