Important Role of former Nazis in Eastern Germany." 

November 21, 1950
Central Files Decimal Number 762B.00

Cold War: Voices of Confrontation and Conciliation

Content: 6,000 pages
Source Library: Private Collection of Jim Thebaut


For almost fifty years, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in the Cold War. This global stalemate emerged after both nations had been allies against Hitler during World War II. This collection of oral histories from the "behind-the-scenes" decision and policy makers answers a wide range of popular and academic questions surrounding this long period of political and military tension:

  • What scientific and technological developments fueled the arms race that characterized the Cold War?
  • What new institutions were created by the Cold War, and how were existing institutions reshaped by it?
  • How did the Cold War condition society and culture?
  • How did it shape the foreign policies of the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
  • What did--and does--"the end of the Cold War" mean for citizens in the United States and the former Soviet Union? 
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