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November 21, 1950
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Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League


The National Negro Business League was a business organization founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1900 by Booker T. Washington, with the support of Andrew Carnegie. The mission and main goal of the National Negro Business League was “to promote the commercial and financial development of the Negro.” The organization was formally incorporated in 1901 in New York, and established 320 chapters across the United States. 

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Date Range: 1901-1928
Content: 15,779 pages
Source Library: Library of Congress


The League included small African American business owners, doctors, farmers, craftsmen, and other professionals.  Its goal was to allow business to put economic development at the forefront of getting African-American equality in America. Booker T. Washington proposed that there was a need for African Americans to build an economic network and allow that to be a catalyst for change and social improvement.  The League promoted the commercial endeavors and economic advancement of African Americans mainly, but not solely in the South, via a network of state and local Negro Business Leagues, and affiliated professional and trade organizations. Membership in the League was open to “any member of the race in good standing in his or her community,” whether the person was in business, professional or private life. Meetings provided a forum in which African-American small businessmen shared stories of their struggles and successes.

Comprised of correspondence and memoranda, itineraries, lists, form letters, reports, press releases, speeches, programs and enrollment forms, Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League supports research and course work in African American studies, business and economic history, social history, and cultural studies.

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