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November 21, 1950
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American Indian Correspondence: Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries' Letters, 1833-1893


American Indian Correspondence: Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries’ Letters, 1833-1893 is a collection of letters to and from the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  Their letters describe native peoples and cultures, tribal factionalism, relations with the U.S. government and the many problems and achievements of their work.

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Date Range: 1833-1893
Content: 40,238 pages
Source Library: Library of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia


This collection includes discussion of aboriginal and post-contact Native American culture, which supports anthropological studies. Even through a lens of ethnocentrism, the missionaries’ documents provide a wealth of data on tribal ways and personalities – ideal for students of native cultures and American studies.

The relationship between the missionaries and the U.S. government prompts investigation for legal researchers, particularly in study that pertains to the separation of church and state. Students of education will find reports on native students and detailed descriptions of mission school curricula and syllabi. And viewpoints regarding the roles of tribal women help facilitate women’s history and gender studies.

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Primary-source coverage of Native American tribes – including Apache, Blackfeet, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Navajo, Nez Pierce, Seminole, Sioux and many more – provide a foundation for in-depth scholarship in history, education, culture and more.

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