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Gale Digital Collections makes rare, previously impossible-to-access printed matter viewable in a digital format. From the 1100s to the 2000s; from the Wild West to the Far East; from culture and business, to politics and war, to religion and government; this remarkable, ever-expanding resource supports the needs of today's scholars, faculty and students and enhances the value and reputation of any library that offers it.



Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004
Described by the New Yorker as “the newspaper that rules Britain”, the Daily Mail has been at the heart of British journalism since 1896, regularly changing the course of government policy and setting the national debate. It currently boasts a circulation of over 2 million, and its website is the most visited news site in the world.
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Liberty Magazine Historical Archive, 1924-1950
Launched in 1924, Liberty, a weekly, general-interest magazine, flourished when illustrated magazines were the most important form of mass entertainment. With a circulation of over three million, it charted the moods, attitudes, lifestyles, fads, and fortunes of middle America.
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Nineteenth Century Collections Online
The most ambitious scholarly digitization and publication program ever undertaken, Nineteenth Century Collections Online is invaluable to research and teaching in one of the most studied historical periods. Rare primary sources, curated by an international team of experts, provide never-before-possible access to important works sourced from leading libraries worldwide. Users will find millions of full-text, fully searchable pages that enhance historical scholarship and provide an intriguing window into a bygone era.
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The Smithsonian – America’s gold standard research and cultural institution, has partnered with Gale, part of Cengage Learning, to launch a series of collections from Smithsonian’s vast archives.
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Business Partners
We seek out partnership opportunities with businesses that possess a strong foundation of innovation, support and collaboration, so we can develop comprehensive learning solutions that provide unmatched value for our customers.
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Partner Libraries
Through partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, Gale®, part of Cengage Learning, has become a leader in authoritative research and educational publishing. Gale partners with more than 70 libraries worldwide to source information for resources in the Gale Digital Collections program.
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